If you've had a chance to visit the two discussion threads where I asked a question about finding balance in participating in a PLN (both here on Classroom 2.0 and at the Educator's PLN), you may have noticed that Twitter is the tool of choice for many educator to build and maintain their PLNs.  For this half of our course, let's delve into how other teachers are using this tool to learn, share, and, above all, connect.  

  • Feel free to watch my introduction from class, embedded below.
  • I've found two articles that give a nice summary of why use Twitter as a teacher and how to use it well.  Please read them.
  • Set up your Twitter account.  I'd recommend you use either your full name or a variant that's close and recognizable (e.g. someone already had 'DrewMcAllister', so I took 'drewmca').  Maggie Verster has put together a WONDERFUL step-by-step resource for setting up your own Twitter account and using it well.  That presentation is embedded below.  Please use it as a guide as you set up your account.
  • Follow me on Twitter.  I'll pull everyone's accounts together and then share those with the group.
  • Follow everyone else who is in the course. 
  • Compose 2 original tweets and 2 replies (the @ symbol) to at least 2 other people in the course.  Bonus points for RT, using a hash tag (#), or replying to people outside our group!
  • Read 2 chapters in the book that look interesting to you.  I highly recommend chapters 4 and 7 for a better understanding of our work with PLNs and Twitter.  

My talk:

Watch live streaming video from drewmca at livestream.com

Maggie Verster's tutorial:

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