How do you succesfully handle children with anger problem without offending or pushing them further.

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I had a student a few years ago who would completely shut down when he got in trouble.  He would kick his chair or his desk and then put his head down and not move.  He would even go under his desk and get into a ball and cry.  It was very distracting to the other students.  Now this is a third grader so I didn't have a fear of him hurting me, but I was still a little scared of how he would react if I tried to talk to him.  

What worked best for this student is that I would give him options.  I would go over and quietly whisper to him that he had 5 minutes to get himself together and then after that 5 minutes he would either finish his assignment with the rest of the class or he would do the assignment at another time like recess or after school.  For this student it worked and he often snapped out of it and got to work.  

This same student reacted very differently when another teacher continued to yell at him when he shut down.  He was in special and the student wound up running out of class.  The principal got involved and the child fought back and threatened to kill the principal.  

To make a long story short, I believe that being calm goes a long way for students with anger problems.  Calmly giving choices so that the student makes the decision gives them ownership.  I hope this helps.  

Thanks Nicole,  I have noticed during my praticum that a particular student would act out and would not respond to demands or threats of time out, she would uaually act more hostile. Most of the teachers just left her and tried ingnoring her,she would then go about disrupiting the class with demands. This child is only in kindergarten and I wonder what can be done to get this child in check before she becomes out of control.

But what about children who display aggressive behaviours with other students



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