Being an aspiring elementary teacher I have observed in several different classrooms and the subject of death always somehow comes up.  Death is one of the toughest things to understand and deal with at any point in life.  How much harder is it for the younger students to cope and deal with it and how do you approach handling that subject?

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I think that this is something that you would want to possibly bring in a guidance councilor. Just because they are the ones that are trained with dealing with this subject. You do not want to over step your boundaries and put to much of your own personal thoughts and feelings into the situation. You can give your condolences and also offer the student that if they ever need to talk there are always people who are wanting and willing to listen.
I agree with the post below, I myself am not good at handling the death of anyone close to me and I am certainly not the one to help students cope.  I know that I would be there for my students but I would go to the councilor for advice and perhaps have them visit the classroom to discuss the resources they could offer.



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