Hello: I thought this group might be interested in this article, video, and comments on face to face education. http://bit.ly/45jYp4

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This was interesting. I have heard an awful lot about the death of meaningful face-to-face interactions lately. I like this professor's ideas, particularly about watching the lecture online. To me, the part that seems to be so often missing, is that we as educators always seem to be last in technology utilization, because we fear change. We are the first to cry "the sky is falling" if we see a trend that is changing the way we teach. The truth is, Powerpoints are the standard presentation tool for most industries and businesses. We can't change that. What we can change is how we use them. Are we using them because we feel compelled to have a presentation, or because the material we cover is inherently visual? Teachers who use text only on a slideshow are finding new, 21st century ways to deliver boring notes. These can be delivered in better ways. Use presentations to add the visual element. When I have students create slideshows, I often ask that they contain 95% visual material, to compliment their speech, not replace it. Many teacher could use that lesson as well. But we don't need to throw the baby out with the bathwater...
I agree there are many creative ways to use ppt and design presentation and this needs to be taught. There are tons of seminars now on how to creative good visually stimulating ppt presentations and how to incorporate learning into the presentation. Using ppt is good for visual learners who need to see concepts drawn out, diagrammed, etc. I admit it is challenging to do for lectures, but I am working on it.

I'm sure fear may be part of the reason educators are last in technology utilization. Also it takes some time to learn new technologies, determine its usefulness in the classroom, and to create curriculum, lessons, and lectures using technology. It may be simpler to prepare lecture notes and deliver the same lecture every semester than try to get creative and interactive.
Thanks for posting the link. I have been considering doing something similar to this in my classroom. My only concern is the shock from the other teachers and administration at my school.
Uh huh....Been there. I eat alone in the lunchroom sometimes as a result, but it is worth it.

When things start to work, they come back to the table. :)

This is a great video. I have been trying to do this type of thing with my high school students and have created podcasts for all of my classes. You can find them at www.masterymaze.com (my site) nd are welcome to use them.

I am a firm believer in using tech to extend learning beyond the classroom. You can read or listen to more on that at www.spalmeronline.com or my blog www.educationallysound.com. It is a bit more challenging at the high school level.

I teach at the college level as well and I do do what he suggests to some extent. It is a great concept ponder.
Sue: Thanks for the links to your blogs. Great stuff!



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