Summer is fast approaching and I am considering providing students (who are requesting summer tutoring) the option to deliver instruction online. I know Elluminate is a wonderful product but it is way out of my budget considering I am spending my own money on this and would probably be taking in only a few students. Do you know of any similar product that is inexpensive or free? Thanks.


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Wiziq looks OK but I haven't tried it - it is free though so thats something!
Thanks. I have subscribed to Wiziq and it seems like it's a good application. I love the whiteboard as it seems to be customized for teaching math which was the subject i specified on the registration.
You might also look at DimDim. It's free as long as you have a class of 20 or less.
Thanks. I have subscribed to DimDim as well and will explore the functionalities. It does allow for 20 participants which is very nice.

We have just installed a moodle on our website ... Would you like to put your summer courses on our site? It will not cost you anything, and we'd enjoy hosting you to get some use out of the new software.

Write me at or to Bob Zenhausern at and we can talk specifics.
Thanks, Anne. I would love to explore moodle through your site.
I've been using NING with supplements like mentioned below. You can embed just about anything you need.
Thanks. I'll look into this as well.
Have you tried out Sclipo - Social Learning Network? It has a course manager, you can share docs and videos through your own library, and you have a private live web classroom (with webcam, whiteboard & doc presenter).

(I work at Sclipo - so I hope this comment does not violate the terms of use)
Check out learncentral. It uses Elluminate and it's free.
Skype and a host of other tools (free) should allow you to do what you want. Skype has many add ons, including a screen sharing ap. Also think about using Google docs or other live editing tools like . Google groups works very well for discussion and allows file uploads.



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