Although I've worked with Macs before, I haven't had much experience with the mobile labs. I convinced my principal to gut us one. The district didn't get the apple wireless router but a Cisco router. I'm having a hard time getting the desktop remote to access the other laptops through this. Any thoughts on how I can get it going? It will view the one I'm on but no other on the network.

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I uploaded all the DNS info to the ARD interface. It finds the one I am on but not the others I have been experimenting with just a couple from the bunch to see if it can find them. The wireless is on on those computers but they aren't logged onto the net with it. Do they have to be logged on or just have the wireless on? I'm totally in the dark with this having no eperience with the ARD. Thanks for any light you can shine on this for me.
Your laptops should be advertising themselves with Bonjour if you have set up Sharing preferences to allow for ARD to see them. It's a little troubling that your laptops can see the wireless but not the internet, but that should not affect their visibility in ARD. That sounds like a problem with the IP addresses that they are being assigned. You might see about changing the settings of the router, if you can. There might be an issue with how it is distributing addresses (or not).
Thanks for the input I'll keep trying.
I agree w/ Chris and Indigo, if they are seeing a wireless but are "off line" there is no way Remote Desktop is going to be able to remote into them. Are they getting their IP's via DHCP or is this Static IP? You need to make sure that the laptops are working correctly such as getting online before you can remote into them. A good test is, get a working laptop's IP, and manually add that into Remote Desktop rather then using the scanner and see if you can get in that way.

Also, try pinging a laptop, open up terminal, type in ping and the IP address of the laptop and hit return if you get a bounce back of the same IP over and over you are all set, if it can't find anything or says IP unkown there is the problem.



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