I'm looking to create a digital story book for an upcoming lab that my students will be doing. I know there are tools out there to create those "3D" story books that allow you to drag the corners to turn the pages but I can't find any.

I looked into storybird and found that I couldn't actually turn the pages. Maybe it is a problem on my end but if I'm having the problem then might students might too and that's not a risk I'm willing to take. So, what tools are out there that let me make a book like that but actually let me turn the pages to better simulate reading the book?

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Are you working on a Mac? iBooks Author is a free app for Mac (10.7) that allows you to create turnable books and it's really easy to use! 

You could try Yudu?

I have put a link on this page - scroll down a bit. This includes a 'book' I created and you can see many examples on the site.

I do not have a mac but I managed to find what I was looking for. It worked perfectly and was free.  I'm excited!




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