We are trying to figure out a way for students to send files to us without using email. For instance, we would like our students to be able to send to the teacher a powerpoint presentation or maybe a .jpeg they are working on in class. I realize there are wikis available, unfortunately, it allows for students to access other student work. Has anyone found a free service that would allow students to upload work to the teacher without other students being able to view it? It appears there are many services available to send work to students, but no way for teachers to receive the work back in digital form.

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Why is email not a good solution? Email is the means of sending stuff from one to another. Otherwise, they could put the work on a disk and hand it to the teacher.
We are concerned that students will send inappropriate emails to one another at school or at home. We want to avoid the potential for risk of students sending inappropriate messages to one another.

I know what you mean. Two things you could do. To prevent from at home sending, limit the email to the network in the classroom. Depending on the network, you can set up some sort of email or messaging within the network only. And, set it up so that a copy of every email sent goes in a special box that the teacher or someone else can monitor on a regular basis. The first one or two students "caught" sending off topic messages (they don't even have to be inappropriate, but not on topic), who are punished, should defer others from trying to "beat the system".
I am looking at the Zoho Docs for the first time. This looks like a terrific service because it allows any type of file to be uploaded to the internet. I use google docs often, but I find it limiting because it does not allow pictures or sound files to be uploaded. Have you or anyone you know used the Zoho docs in the classroom?

I checked out Zoho share. Is there a way with Share to only share the work with specified people. Thanks for the suggestions.
Would you happen to know if Ning sites are free of advertising? I teach younger elementary school children and thought about setting up a forum for us to collaborate over the summer months, but since it is new to me I am trying to figure out if it would be safe for elementary school children to use.

Why not use Google Docs, they can share with you, and you can track their learning, changes, you can add changes. You can upload Microsoft documents
I think Google docs might be a good plan, but it is limiting because we cannot share non Microsoft files such as pictures or sound files.
Could they use something like http://www.yousendit.com/ and be told to just put the same email (yours for example) as both the TO & FROM email address? They could use the Subject or Message fields to specify who they were.

Your email couldn't be a registered email on YouSendIt or it would want your students to log in but as long as it wasn't registered it would work. You would also receive 2 emails from YouSendIt - one that said you sent a file and one with the link to the file.
Try Syncplicity or Getdropbox (a co-worker recommended them). I've heard Getdropbox is better. It could be exactly what you are looking for, not sure.
Have you considered ftp? Let the approved files be located in a folder on a server. And password logins allow or deny the files to a student. There are some fine Free FTP programs that work fine in windows.
Manhattan, Moodle, Drupal, will allow you to do things like this. Personally I am the most familiar with Manhattan, but many like moodle, and drupal.

With manhattan you can create an assignment and your students can reply to it attaching their powerpoint or any other file, and only you will receive it.

I can set up a manhattan, moodle, or drupal server for you or your school, or you can have a virtual classroom hosted on my server ... at this point it is free since I am "beta" testing my consulting services. http://jasperstreet.homeip.net/consulting

just reply to this if you are interested and I can set you up a playground so you can determine if these platforms are useful to you or not.




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