Looking for a place where you can share with others and your students about digital imaging in photography and video? Consider joining this network. We can build a community together.


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Sounds interesting-may improve my skills with my teachers and untimately my students. I will join!
I don't know much about Ning, but I do know it's blocked here at school. Luckily, Classroom 2.0 doesn't have "ning" in its URL. Would it be possible for you to cut out the "ning" from the URL? Or does that cost extra? I'm a new technology teacher, and I have been having a great time exploring GIMP with my students, and we would love to participate.

Either Way, I'll join from home. Thanks for sharing.
Ning is blocked...sorry to hear that. I believe it will be a valuable resource for my classes. And you know what...the students are not the enemy...why is your school not looking at the value of this site and finding a way to use it and educate the students on the proper use...then confront them when they break the rules. Can you imagine if we blocked the dreaded number 2 pencil:-)))))

I look forward to you becoming a part of the community.



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