I am working on a session for grade 7 students that will introduce them to the idea of digital plagiarism - of text, videos, music and images. I want them to understand that the need to cite not only information, but also images, videos and music they use in their productions.  I am looking for a few good, short videos that I might be able to include in this session. Does anyone have any suggestions? 




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Your topic is such a good one and extremely important now that it is so easy to copy & paste practically everything these days. I'm interested in following this discussion. I see all these videos on YouTube using popular songs, and I wonder what steps need to be taken to actually post a presentation...legally. I know how to create a video, but I'm not sure the steps taken to post one on YouTube, especially with music. I have students that create their own YouTube videos and digital designs, and I'm simply amazed by their knowledge.


Our class created our own videos for our business project (pencil), and I showed the following YouTube video. It is well documented with the appropriate credits. Here's the video link. 


I did a ppt that you might want to use. You can download it and change as you like to update it or make it more useful for your class.I haven't updated all the resource links at the end and they may need some fixing. I think it makes the point that theft is theft. Here's the link -- http://www.slideboom.com/presentations/114535/RESPECT-ALL-WORK.



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