I'm looking for a tools to create digital story with grade 10 students. We want to let the reader decide how the story evolve by selecting different option.
We would like to work synchronize if possible.
Any suggestion ?

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Have you tried looking at Storybird? I'm not sure if it's what you're thinking about, but it does give you some creative direction to begin in.
You could try photostory (windows). It is really easy to use and there are a few options that can be added into the story while it is being created or after the story is finished. The way it works is be downloading or selecting your pictures or photographs and putting them into the program in the order desired. Then you can narrate, add cool photo effects and transitions between pics,put in some photo captions, and then music can be added to - all within the photostory program. The only thing I didn't like is that I couldn't add a page with text only. Unless, there is a way and I don't know it...any ideas.
Thank you Terry, I know about photostory. To add a page with text only, just place a black page ( google black page of black background) and add text to it.
You were asking for help, and then end up giving it! This information is going to be very helpful to me as I plan to use photo story often. Does anyone else have any secret tricks to use with photo story to liven up the presentation?
you should do funny voices on your narration Terry - that will liven up the presentation! :) Seriously though, the background music will probably determine the students' interest; that and the use of images the include things they recognize or something. I saw one history photo story about the 1920s but the teacher ended up tying it to the current class and put in pictures of them so they could compare themselves to the people of the past.
It sounds like you want to make a "choose your own adventure" story. To so that you will need a platform that has hyperlinks that when the reader clicks on it, the story will go in a different direction. I think you will need something like Power point to do that b/c it wil allow you to add buttons that will link to another series of slides. Storybirds are linear, book-format stories (whick I love) that don't sound like what you are describing. I can't think of anything in the cloud that works that way but you could try Prezi or edu.glogster as those will allow hyperlinks that you can then link to other parts of the story.
Love the idea of using Prezi! I must try that sometime for a digital story!! Does Prezi allow real-time collaboration for teams?

Since the grade 10's want to synchronize their work, I thought I'd check out Google for its options. I love the work that @tombarrett does with his "Interesting things" series where crowdsourcing and collaboration are providing ample ideas, tricks and tips for teachers.

I believe a mix of google docs and google docs presentation would allow the Grade 10 teams to work collaboratively overtime. What's cool about presenting a "Choose YOur Own Adventure" within the Google Presentation environment is that the chat area allows distributed participants to discuss the story options before selecting a particular path.

I checked to see if a google Docs Presentation will allow linking to different slides and it does...it's just a little more clunky than powerpoint. If you want to see and play with a prototype "Choose YOur Own Adventure" in Google Docs Presentation - I created a public example

Good luck Rachel - I hope you share your students work when they are done!
Thank you for the example - it's always useful to see the produce.
Yes, Prezi allow real-time collaboration. It's a new feature that was add only a few mounths ago. I tried it and it work well with 2 or 3 users ( haven't tried it with more).
Have fun! Prezi is a great tools for teachers and students.
You might be interested - I found a blog on -how to make a "choose your ouw aventure" with google form.
Great idea! I will try it.



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