Discovery Education is a resourceful site for educators. It provides engaging and digital resources and connects classrooms and families to a world of learning. There is a huge amount of high quality and easy to use standard-based digital materials that fits all categories and ages.Learn more in Discovery Education : a great website for educators.

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One of my favorites!  Thanks, as always, for posting!





Thanks for sharing, Med. :)

I am going to explore the site.

I like the puzzle maker tool on the Discovery Education website. I could see using the “criss-cross”, or crossword, puzzle maker to help students practice vocabulary. This program allows you to customize the entire puzzle with words and clues for each word. Additionally, time permitting, you could customize the puzzle for individual students who are struggling with the vocal or spelling of certain words. I wonder if this would work for other languages as well? I realize that other languages may have special symbols or follow a different alphabet, but the only requirement is that you input the same amount of letters and the intended answer so that you will have the same amount of spaces available in the crossword. I suppose the clue would have to be in English, but it seems like this tool could also be used for other languages. Thanks for sharing the Discovery Education site, I enjoyed  checking it out!

I am a current student teacher and I have actually seen my mentor use this website in her 4th grade classroom!  I agree, it is a great site and contains many valuable resources.  She used it recently to show the children a video on classification and it had a funny little skit that all the students really enjoyed.  She encouraged me to use this site as a resource when creating my lessons.



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