When considering a teaching job abroad, there is a common misconception that all international teachers teach English as a foreign language. Everyone knows someone who has taught English in South Korea or China, usually after the completion of their undergraduate program. For this reason, many teachers mistakenly assume that if they change the direction of their careers to the international sector, they will forgo their certified subject area and teach English instead. 

It's time to dispel the myth: you CAN teach your certified subject area abroad!

Across the Far East and the Middle East, there are accredited international schools that have adopted and follow the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand or International Baccalaureate curricula. These schools are actively seeking and recruiting teachers whose training and certification match the curriculum of these schools. 

They hire teachers who specialize in early years or primary education, as well as counselling and secondary math, science, English, social studies, art, music, physical education and special education. 

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The number of international schools is rising exponentially and so is the demand for teachers. These schools understand that the process of moving abroad is both complicated and daunting, so they offer all inclusive compensation packages with salary, housing, flights and health care. There are even some schools that are family friendly and will include a spouse or dependent children in the compensation package. This means that some of your family's costs to relocate, as well as tuition, may be covered wholly or partially by these schools.

With so many benefits and the opportunity for an adventure, you wouldn't take the plunge?

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Thank you for this valuable information, I will share it with my friends. Some of them are interested in teaching abroad opportunities.

Thank you Michael for your positive feedback! If they want to research more, you can advise them to visit the web page listed in the video. Happy learning! =)

Nice note! This will work as a torch and will help the teacher in finding out the brightest path in the darkness of less work. Thanks for sharing this. 

It is a great post that provide more awareness among people at large. Thanks for sharing!!



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