In addition to the college courses I teach, I also provide some basic computer literacy training for job seekers, many of whom have little or no computer skills. Although I do teach students how to use email (using a free Yahoo! account) I've been asked about the possibility of teaching Microsoft Outlook because many employers want job candidates to have this experience already. However, none of these students will have access to the organization's Outlook mail system (due to confidentiality issues, etc.). I'm reluctant to show them how to integrate their personal email accounts into Outlook using public computers in the lab -- too many potential problems, not the least of which being that they may somehow wipe out their existing mail and many don't even have an email account to begin with!

Does anyone know of any Outlook simulations that might exist for practice/training purposes? I've found some videos, but they are usually for specific tasks and don't really have a good teaching flow. I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who has been in a similar situation and how you resolved it! Thanks!

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Thought I'd give this one more try... Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks so much!
Thank you! I've already checked out the Microsoft site and while I like the tutorials they have, the problem is that they aren't set up in any sort of "teachable flow" -- they are mostly task-based and assume the students already have some knowledge of Outlook. These students really need the hands-on experience and an opportunity to practice these skills. Additionally, because the classes are being taught for a social service agency, I don't have the option of using the organization's server or getting another one set up.
One option for searching is checking with your local county workforce development organization. Each county usually has one and basic training in MS Office type products, including outlook is often part of their services. They may have or know of solutions for you.



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