Do you think music will help to develop child’s education?

As I have discuss many of parents even also children related to music and most of saying early childhood music development is helping their children education. Whatever I have got this is off line but now i am asking online people or parents like you. What are your suggestions?

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I know music can and should be used to develop a child. I have been a special education teacher and an administrator for 27 years. I have seen music play a tremendous part in the education and learning of children. Children on the autism spectrum that relate to music when voice is ignored, students learning multiplication and grammar through the introduction of a rap, to the most severely disabled students relax their tense muscles or calm severe behavior outbursts through the use of music. "Music is a window into the soul" was not said without good cause. We were chanting, using tone and intonation long before we used words. It is reptilian in our brain structure.....

Just a few thoughts. Thanks for the invite!

Thanks for sharing this reply.  As a music educator at the elementary level, it seems more and more administrators are happy to put cultural arts on the back burner.  Its too bad because the arts got me through my K-12 schooling.  I was never an A+ student, but my parents would always get letters in the mail saying I scored very high on standardized testing.  If only more "higher ups" would make the simple connection. 

Hey, This is good that music help to develop child's education.
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I believe that music does help with the development of a child. I would assume that it would help with the develpment of the child, and possibly make them smarter in some ways.
Music is important in early childhood (and throughout education) for the emotive experience it provides, whereas the rest of the curriculum is based on the cognitive or physical. Essentially, music may employ the heart in finding a unison between head, heart and hand, which I feel is invaluable in a Childs education.

I always incorporate music to everything in my classroom.  When they enter my classroom, classical music is playing to calm them and be ready for the morning announcements.  During Math time, they once again hear the classical music  playing in the background.  Our awesome PE teacher incorporates music during class and my students will come back knowing patterns, rhythm and beat.  Music is such an integral part of learning and I think they learn better.  I guess as long as the music is appropriate.  No matter what, I will keep playing my classical music in my room to stimulate their thinking--so many research on this.

I definitely think that music plays a huge role in a child's education.  I can remember when I was in elementary school, I had a really hard time learning basic multiplication.  I just couldn't remember.  My teacher found a corny tape that turned multiplication into a children's song.  I listened to it all the time when I was home and it really helped me.  I don't think I would be able to multiply now without it.

I agree that music plays a huge part in education.  I teach special education and most of my students are non-verbal.  Even though they cannot sing the words to songs, they are able to hum or move to the beat of the music.  Music is also a great motivator for students.

I think that music helps a child develop. I know that music and math skills are linked, so it seems logical that it would help.

I most defiinitely think that music helps child development.  Children learn in different ways, and many can learn from music.  Music can help in simple ways like memorizing the alphabet to more complex ways like learning to cope in difficult situations.

Without a doubt I believe music can develop a child's education in a multitude of ways.  I myself believe it enhanced my education socially, emotionally, and intellectually.  I was in various music classes musicals and choirs throughout my education and those experiences by far enhanced my education.  As a music teacher I have observed my student's confidence levels increase, their creativity soar, and public speaking ability flourish.  I have hundreds of examples but I will share one.  Years ago I was a traveling music specialist between three schools so I didn't have a lot of interaction with the other staff members.  I had one student who was so excited about music and greeted me enthusiastically each week and gave me her full undivided attention.  I overheard lunch room conversations about how much this student struggled both behaviorally and academically.  She was diagnosed with ADHD.  Had I not heard this conversation I would have never known, since she was so attentive and successful in my class.  To make a very long story short...I gave her a major solo in the spring production and she brought down the house.  Her mother approached me after the show with tears streaming down her face and thanked me for believing in her child.  I will never forget what I believe music did for this child.




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