Do you use media in your high school classroom regularly? Would you be interviewed?

HELP! I apologize for posting this twice, but I am desperate to interview media savvy teachers who are using media literacy to help teach English classes. My name is Katie Barak and I am a Master's student at Bowling Green State University in the Department of Popular Culture. My thesis project examines the impact of media literacy in American high schools in terms of critical thinking and reaching benchmarks established within NCLB, but I prefer a more ethnographic approach.

I would like to interview high school instructors teaching media literacy about their experiences, curriculum, and personal feelings on media literacy. I know that occasionally, English, Social Studies, Health, Journalism and other areas is an area that lends itself to media literacy, which is why I was posting this request here. If you would be willing or able to partake in a questionnaire via email concerning those topics or know of someone who would, please email me at Your help will add depth to my thesis. Thank you!

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Katie, just sent you an e-mail. Let me know if I can help.
Katie -- you should post this request in the e-letter of the National Association for Media Literacy Education (NAMLE) as hundreds of its members do just what you're looking for. But posting is a member service so if you're not a member, go to to join. When you've done that email me and we'll get you into the current issue which goes "to press" as they used to say, this week.
Ooh! Thanks for the tip. I'll get on that stat!



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