Our school is about to purchase quite a bit of technology. Which is good, we are way behind. The asst. superintendent and the technology coordinator decided "standardized all classrooms".
That means that all rooms will have
- Ceiling mounted projector
- Desktop teacher station (already in place)
- Document Camera
- IWB or Tablet

They cut a bunch of other items (mp3 players, flip camcorders, etc) to make all standardized. My question is "What activities are there for the document camera in Social Studies and English Language Arts rooms that couldn't be done with the IWB or Tablet?"

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I use the Hue webcam by Clique. I bought six of them for our teachers because the local Kmart was closing so I think they run around $30.00. There are two settings you have to change with the software but they're not hard to find.
Here are my top 10 tips for engaging students with document cameras. Many can be used in Social Studies and Language Arts. Hopefully this will be of use.
I've Elmo document camera this come with USB 2.0 port for easy connection to a PC or a whiteboard. The images captured can be transferred to the PC. CO-10 has the ability to save up to 16 images so that they can be viewed again. The camera head and arm can be placed anywhere to capture images, it is very flexible to use. The CO-10 uses a high resolution 2-megapixel CMOS image sensor and outputs images in SXGA resolution with 8x digital zoom. The CO-10 can capture a shooting area of 13.5 x 10 inches.

The Maximum shooting area for CO-10 camera in XGA is 340 x 255 mm (13 1/2" x 10"), in SXGA, it is 320 x 255 mm (12 5/8" x 10") and in WXGA, it is 340 x 204 mm (13 1/2" x 8"). While the minimum shooting area for XGA is 53 x 40 mm (2 1/8" x 1 5/8"), for SXGA it is 50 x 40 mm (2" x 1 5/8") and for WXGA, it is 53 x 32 mm (2 1/8" x 1 5/16").
The other accessories available with document camera are Power cord, AC adapter, VGA cable, C-Video cable, Microscope adapter, Carrying bag, User manual CD and Quick start guide.

The CO-10 Camera comes with the Elmo document projector CRP-22/CRP-26 and the resolution of XGA (1024 x 768). Up to 16 split display is provided. It has the function of White balance one-push.

Referral link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Document_Camera
Dear Aaroni,

I am a dealer of ELMO products and I do not recommend the CO-10 document camera.

The frame rate is horrible! It is listed as 15 frames/second but the effective rate is lower. A moving hand has a strobe like movement on the screen. This unit needs a lot of improvement before I would stake my reputation on it.

John J Caprice
I have an Elmo in my classroom. I like using it and seldom use my whiteboard. I take pictures and save them to my computer. Some of the teachers in my school have the Lumens. Basically they both do the same thing. there are a lot of things you can do, but most teachers just do the basic functions. I would not trade my document camera for an overhead projector.
Dear Dotty!

YES! The Most ELMO document cameras greatly enhance the classroom experience.

The new CO-10 has a slow video output. I do not recommend it. The TT02RX and all the other models are fine products.

At my site, we use Lumens. However, both brands do their jobs well. Kids are more willing to share work when I have them place it under the camera. I project everything to the whiteboard where they can use dry erase pens to "highlight key terms", edit, rewrite, etc. Also, let us not forget that transparencies are no longer necessary so I guess we are saving the planet in a way:)

Here are some teaching strategies for your camera (from Lumens):



Dear Denise,

Lumens is a fine company. Very responsive and they answer the phone with a real live person.

They are one of my favorites!

I talk them up (regardless of company) whenever I do presentations. They make our lives as teachers SO MUCH easier:)

Dear Denise,

As a vendor, I evaluate the product and the company....some products are better than others and some companies are more responsive than others.
I hate to have to leave a message or play phone tag when a customer has a problem.
So, there is an important value to customer service and a response when needed.

Thanks for the comments.....JJC
You can actually put a document under the camera, such as a textbook, article, student writing. You can also take pictures like using a camera.
Ceiling mounted projectors. You need to make sure you clean the filters frequently to prevent the bulbs from burning out and other problems.

I use a document camera all of the time. One way I use it is to put sample student papers up to evaluate with the class. We evaluate them for strengths and weaknesses, and the students grade them with the writing rubric. They love to see their own paper projected. They also like to hear positive things about their paper and also ways that they can improve it.



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