I realize that this may be jumping ahead, but we have been discussing paper reduction in my district lately.

An option that comes to mind is a DMS (document management system) that could store district and school common forms, but might also include the ability to archive documents for individual teachers and staff. This way any emails or docs that a teacher feels should be saved won't get printed out and put in a paper folder, but instead would be placed in a user folder on the DMS server.

Our business manager is quite enthusiastic about at DMS or something like it and asked me to do some investigating.

Has anyone had an experience with a DMS? What software have you used? Any feedback on the subject is welcome.

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I am currently trying to go paperless in my office-first. I experimented with an opensource document management program and found something else that worked better for me...I found a free tagging program that allows me to tag scanned pdf's and other types of files. It makes it much easier to find what I am looking for becasue documents can have multiple tags....if you are going with a DM program make sure it has this feature....
Hi Rob,

Thanks for the response. What OSS DMS did you try, and what are you using now? You definitely have a point about tagging. Hadn't considered that.

I am using tag2find. Please keep in mind it is not a full blown document management system like you describe. However it does allow me to quickly tag scanned documents. In reflection, you might be looking for something more robust then I am using. It works well for my office however.
Thanks Rob. Have you looked at Epiware?



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