Does anyone know of some good activities/lesson plans for ADHD kids?

Hi! I was wondering if anybody had any ideas for some fun and interesting activities I could do with a seventh grader with ADHD? Specifically, dealing with natural disasters?

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When working with ADHD students, it's not as much about a specific lesson plan as it is about a style of instruction. Every child is different but, often, ADHD students respond well to hands-on projects where they can demonstrate their knowledge by building a model, moving, or the like. I've also had a lot of success with ADHD students and technology -- instead of writing a report, I've had them write blogs, create podcasts and (most effectively) create short videos, which allow them to jump around and be hyper.


ADHD students are really good at seeing the big picture and not as good at focusing in on the details, so they're often successful at projects that require big-picture thinking. My ADHD students were always the best chess players, and ADHD adults are known to be good business-owners and managers.


Some of my adult ADHD friends tell me that it's hard for them to learn things in small chunks -- for example, one lesson on stages of the moon, one lesson on eclipses, one lesson on solar system rotation -- unless they're told the big picture first. They need to know that they'll be learning about all the pieces of a larger system, and have the system explained first, before the pieces of the system are explained.


I know that those suggestions aren't too specific to your needs, but I hope they're helpful in some way.


Good luck!


Katy Scott

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