Hi Everyone,

I'm doing a masters course in education, and for one of my subjects, I need to answer this question and "prove it", provide examples, latest research, etc. I'm finding it hard to get sound research on it.

Does any of you have an idea where I can find some ideas on this? I know there's lots of knowleadgable colleagues on Classroom 2.0. I'm in Australia, by the way.

thanks for your help!


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Hey Viviana,

I think it might help you to be a bit more specific about what you are trying to achieve with your research. Are you doing action research, or just wide reading? How are you expected to "prove" the results of your research in your graduate course -- thesis? action research project? a round-table symposium oral presentation? What specific aspect of multimedia are you investigating? There's digital storytelling, podcasting, vodcasting, etc. I have found out from experience that if I need help from the wonderful people at Classroom 2.0, I can't just put my topic out there and expect someone to "get it", respond, and give feedback. The question posted is a bit too vague - we can give opinions, most certainly, but if you're looking for us to help you with some resources, please provide something more specific. As you can see, the world of multimedia itself is very vast! -C
Hi Cheska,
thanks so much for responding. I just need to produce an essay on the topic, so it's basically providing examples using other people's research papers, as I'm not doing any myself. I suppose it's quite simple, but as you said, it's just soo much out there, also soo many perspectives on the topic, I just hoped someone from this wonderful community gave me a couple of links to have a look at, or even comment on their unique experiences. It's just so much to think about on this topic that THAT may be the reason I'm so stuck on it!!
It's not even a focus on one type of multimedia, but on the learning potential of different multimedia. I guess on how it might help students' to better remember and apply information they have learnt. Also to help them be better problem-solvers.
Thanks a lot for your help!
You might find some helpful research through the Pew Research Center's site or the Center for Applied Research in Educational Technology.

Good luck!
Hi Katy,
that's very helpful. I will check them out.



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