We all know that technology can be a great benefit in higher education, but do you think technology causes too much stress in students? Are students simply too overwhelmed with emerging technologies to keep up with their personal lives and their studies?

Here's an article that discusses this question, but I'd love to hear your thoughts as well.


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Thank you for all the wonderful answers, everybody! @Terry Fonseca – here’s a great case study on how one person used a blog when she works with her students.

Technology can bring both a lot of stress and also connections. I speak from experience. I am taking an Educational Technology class this semester, and when I was first introduced to all the various types of technologies and their uses, I was completely overwhelmed and stressed out on where to even begin learning. However, as I have wrestled through understanding the details, my world has been opened up immensely. I can definitely see the benefits technology has in education, and the opportunities it provides.
technology and this day's (and future's) society go hand in hand. removing technology from the classroom cripples students in the real world where it is necessary in most any roles.
I think that it can be alittle bit of both, but students learn quick and they love using the computer. I think technology for them is a great way to learn and do their work/homework/assignments.



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