Does the 2.0 Classroom Improve Students' Engagement in Learning?

Does anyone have any evidence that the 2.0 classroom improves the level of engagement in learning? I have heaps of anecdotal evidence and some small scale surveys with parents and students which is pretty overwhelming, but can anyone point me in the direction of studies which;
-Show clear evidence that online/ interactive/ web 2.0 connected learning has improved student engagement in learning
-Suggest that deep thinking and active engagement is not affected
-Suggest engagement is reduced or limited?

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I'd be interested in that as well. We have a couple of teachers in our school who dismiss anecdotal evidence (while, of course, relying on anecdotes to show why the old 3Rs method works so well).
There is.

The MacArthur Foundation sponsered research concerning this issue:

I tried to find a recent article (from Washington Post?) about how students who blog write more often, and show improvement in their writing.
This is an interesting perspective- but I think the web 2.0 philosophy is different to the tools used to record learning. Interactivity is a different element, which I think 'connects' students to their learning. I agree- you can have all the flashy tools in the world and children will not lean
This is a good point, but you seem to frame Classroom 2.0 as another tool, whereas many educators see it as a revolution that is transforming how we see define a "classroom." None of the other tools you mentioned gave the students the ability to actively participate or collaborate in their classroom while being anywhere in the world. Physical location is just one of the many ways that Classroom 2.0 can change education. However, I do feel that the original question is a good one. It get's to the question of, 'Why are we doing this if we don't know that it's improving education?'
fully agree!!

Web technologies are simply new tools to solve old problems ;)
Hello Ian,

I noticed your post - albeit many months later (!!) and wanted to know if you had gotten any research to support your hunch? About 2 years I completed a lit review for my PhD program, yes there is research to support increased levels of student engagement using technology. More than anecdotal evidence that is. I could look for it and send to you if you like?

Denver Colorado
Hi Hilary
This would be wonderful to take a look at; we are embarking on some action research next year with our students who bring in their laptop to the classroom. We have made the decision to create 1:1 laptop classrooms, and to allow student owned technologies to permeate the classroom- laptops, ipod touch, iphone etc. We would like to measure how this benefits these students against those who merely have access to our more general resources. I have lots of anecdotal evidence and experience seeing this increased engagement, so if you had something that goes beyond this, I'd really appreciate being able to take a look.
Many thanks, Ian
Auckland, NZ
Hi Ian, your action research sounds great! Here in the states schools are freaked out by firewalls and never allow student owned technologiers in classrooms. In fact no one can bring their own hardware...

I will upload the paper later as I am rushing to teach right now. Also look up Pleasanton California Schools, they have well regarded laptop immersion program; my granddaughter loves it!

~ Hilary
Hi Hilary,
I'm working on a dissertation on 21st century skills. Any chance of seeing your lit review?
Hi Hilary,

Would you mind sending me a copy too? I am doing a research proposal on Web 2.0 tools and standardized achievement scores, and would love to have your research to help with my work.


I am fighting an uphill battle in my district to get access for my students to use Web 2.0 tools in the classroom. Would you be willing to send me a copy of your research that I might use to help my cause? Thanks! -Tricia
Hi Tricia,

Oh yes I want to help your students get to use web 2.0 tools! I posted my paper on student engagement as a PDF a few weeks ago. I wonder if you scroll up/down somewhere you can see it? Let me know if you can't find and I can email to you.... :) Hilary



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