I am looking for an online app that would allow me to create a sorting exercise. My use is for HS English students to use various clues and criteria to unscramble the lines of a sonnet, which are longer lines of text typically used in most sorting/matching quizzes.

Moodle/Hot Potatoes matching quizzes are not visually very stimulating...plus the text appears quite small. Does anyone know of a (preferably) free online app that allows an embeddable link?

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could you use something like bubbl.us or webspiration (makers of inspiration)?


Thanks for the suggestions. I hadn't thought of the "mind mapping" apps. I don't think these will work, if I am correct in that multiple users can not log on at the same time to manipulate what I create...or if they do, it won't reset after they leave. But now I'm intrigued to find an use for a site like these...
Do you have access to a Smartboard? The Notebook sofware has features that make that very easy and interactive.
Not yet, though my tech director wants to use me as a guinea pig for a tablet. It will be great for in class but does not help me give multiple individuals access. Still, I'm eagerly awaiting the tablet!
Re: Smart Notebook software -- if there is even 1 Smartboard in your school, everyone (staff & students) can download and use the software free. Games also work on regular stand alone computers.

I think I may have found a flash template you might be able to use at a website called Classtools.net --> http://classtools.net/about.php . Under 'most popular tools', take a look at the one called Jigsaw diagram. You can build the game with a collection of puzzle pieces and the students can sort the ones they want and lock them together into a sequence. Not exactly what you wanted, but might be a starting point.
I did check out classtools about a month ago. The jigsaw unfortunately provided too small of a space for the text I wanted to use; all of it was not visible at once. The concept was suitable.

We do have 2-3 IWBs in the corporation, but I am not sure of if it is a "Smartboard" (brand name, yes?). But that's worth checking out. I just found out today that we receive a tablet to checkout. I don't know if that will come with any special software, especially the kind that students can use on their own computers, but it's worth checking out.




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