This fall I was introduced to the idea of dropbox as a way of sharing files between computers without the need for a flash drive. I have been using it since I do a lot of work at home for school.


I have recently found out that it includes a "public" folder and anything that you place in this folder can be access through the web given a url that you can share with others.


I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to try out dropbox. Dropbox is free for 2 GB and it can be increased by 250 MB for each person you refer. The referral also receives an extra 250 MB of storage, so it is win-win. Click on this link to try dropbox and use me as a referral to receive your first 250 MB bonus.

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I like Dropbox - very useful. It works well but free (about 2GB) is quite limiting for people with lots of files. I use it for temporary storage.


I love Evernote far more. (I pay, but it's good value and brilliant).


...and the cynic in me knows that when people invite you to Dropbox - they are after some more space! 

I have also been using dropbox.  It has only "let me down" once, but I blame my laptop for that. Lke most of us, I often create lessons at home.  I save them and they magically appear in my folder at school.  One time, for some reason, dropbox stopped working on my laptop, and as a result I was unprepared the next day.  That was painful, but even so, it is worth its weight in gold.
Without doubt, Dropbox is very useful if you work on multiple computers. While Skydrive offers 25 GB but it's not as versatile as Dropbox. With Dropbox, you can access the file right on the desktop without having to login to the Dropbox website. The file will be synchronized the moment you switch on the computer. As Bradley pointed out, you can use Dropbox as a webhost by putting the file in the public folder. In my case, I put my online lecture (created using Articulate Presenter) in the public folder, right click on the player file and get the url. The access speed is quite reasonable. Feel free to test my online lecture here.
Thanks! To me, apart from the ease of accessing the files, using Dropbox as a webhost is really a godsend. I plan to put more of my online lectures here. I would encourage others to try.
Personally, I like combining and About the first you have almost said everything. However, there is a useful tool if you want files been sent to your dropbox: airdropper ( will do that for you via email with those who still don't have an account., not only allows to store, share and collaborate on-line with a group of people, but also provides you with the possibility of embedding your documents or even a dropbox to have your students upload their works to.



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