What are your thoughts on dual language programs?  I know a little about them and I feel that from what I know they would be great to have in schools.  Let me know what you think about them or some interesting information.  Thanks

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Dual language programs are amazing. They allow for students of different backgrounds to keep their home language with them, allowing them to stay connected to their family if they don't speak English, thus staying very connected to their culture. It can also be great for English speaking students to be enrolled in the programs and learn an additional language so that they can be more diverse and richly educated. Many children in Europe learn multiple languages as they are growing up, why can't American students do the same?

I think dual language programs in schools would be great in all schools. Students from other countries learn multiple different languages in school.  Dual language programs allow students to be better well rounded. Knowing multiple languages can be very beneficial to children. Studies have shown that students learn other languages better at a young age. I do not think it could hurt any by being a dual language program.



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