Hi everybody,

My name is Ian and I'm a newbie to this community. I'm currently moving from classroom teaching to online delivery and am particularly interested in web 2.0 techniques, apps that support/enable learners with dyslexia. Is anyone in the Classroom 2.0 community able to provide me with any relevant references (other than those provided in Amanda Coonan's Technology group thread- http://www.classroom20.com/forum/topics/technology-3?commentId=6497...).

Many thanks, all information greatly appreciated!


Ian Sherrey

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The built in accessibility features of your device(s) can be a big help.  What device is the student using?  If it is an iPad, I have a Symbaloo I developed with Youtube videos I curated for each feature.  On a Macbook, the student can make use of the dictate function when writing and can highlight and have the selected text read to them.  An app called Dragon Dictation can be used on pretty much any mobile device and it is free.

Students with dyslexia need audio support for reading so audiobooks are a great way to give them access to general education material.  Learning Ally and Bookshare are good sources for this.

Hope this helps some.


I have been an online reading tutor since 2010 and have taught several students with dyslexia.  I love using Raz-kids with them.  The books can be read to them and then they have an opportunity to read them afterwards. 

What age range are you teaching with Dyslexia?

There is a free home version to download the dyslexie font:  http://www.dyslexiefont.com/ It will work w/ MS Word, etc.   

Also, your student can use the free site Readability:  https://www.readability.com/ when reading to make websites easier to navigate & read.  

For writing, there are supports w/in Google Chrome that your student may want to try.  http://setsig.iste.wikispaces.net/Professional+Development

Follow this link and look for the Chrome Supports Webinar by Mike Marotta.  

Best of luck Ian!  

Check out all of the resources here:  http://www.atdyslexia.com/assistive-technology/

There are various resources available that you can check out on the topics mentioned by you.



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