Here's a find. I haven't looked around this wiki/blog, Educational Origami, a lot but did immediately spy a rubric (one of many) to analyse blogging using Bloom's "Digital" Taxonomy. The rubric gives examples of different blogs written at four different levels, I think it'll be a big help to my student bloggers.

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Yes, it is fantastic. I really appreciate Edorigami resources.
I like the whole Bloom's Digital Taxonomy. One of the things lacking when using a lot of the new tools is good assessment.
Yes, and having that digital tool does help keep info right at hand.
Hi All

I am glad that you find this resource useful. Please let me know if there are any improvements or corrections you can find on the site as I am always looking to imporve it.
I have started making some new resources called starter sheets for various technologies (mostly web 2.0 tools) you might find these useful.


Not remembering I'd already posted about your site, I posted again. I"d better be careful or I'll get the reputation of being an "obsessed fan" (or maybe just a forgetful older woman!!)
Amazing, especially the explanation of Bloom's Digital Taxonomy. Your work will save a lot of us from having to reinvent the wheel. I'll definitely spread the word about your site with our udl group. One thing that would be handy is to have a link to the actual site in addition to the .pdf link. I noticed you have it for some but not others. Well done and thanks!
Ok, I bit and thought this discussion was about ORIGAMI :D Well, for people who want to paper fold, there is a great site: Origami Club. The best part of this site is the animations that SHOW you how to fold, step by step, slide by slide. No more trying to figure out what in the world those written directions mean.

I told you I was a big kid, Nancy : )



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