I searched for information on how to use the Apple technology in the classroom setting.  The link where I found the most useful information was http://www.apple.com/education/ipad/.  Tablets and iPads are very common these days and they can be used to hlp education.  A friend of mine teaches at an intermediate school in my hometown, which is very small.  She actually won a classroom set of iPads so she does use this technology in her classroom.  That is what really got me interested in this topic.

If I was able to use this in my classroom, I would need my students to have an iPad they could use during class.  I could demonstrate on a projector, or smartboard.  It would be useful in quite a few ways.  One of the common uses for older students, mainly college students, is usin iBooks textbooks.  Those are textbooks that can be downloaded onto an iPad.  This could actually save money because iBooks are often less expensive than ordering hard copies.

Another use for the iPads in the classroom would be to have programs, or apps, that would allow students to be slightly more active in their learning.  For example, younger students could have an app that helps them draw the letters in the alphabet.  There are also apps that can read aloud for students who sometimes struggle with reading.  This could help students that finish assignments early stay occupied and learn independently.

A third use could be for older students to create presentations or other ways of showcasing what they learn.  This can allow them to work during class and collaborate on ideas for presentations.   This could also help with students who cannot afford this technology at home, to learn to use it with the classroom iPad.

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The Apple Learning Interchange used to be a great place for this type of research - but it's been since been replaced with his /education site (from what I can tell).  There's no doubt that Apple has really come on to the scene with what it's offered education by way of both the hardware and software they offer.  I saw a post just the other day from a friend of mine on Facebook about a really cool app called Nearpod that allows you to synchronize the use of iPads in a classroom.  It's worth checking out - this could be a really good investment for someone who "won" a set of iPads.



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