Fellow Educators,

I'm hoping to elicit some help . . .

I'm currently pursuing my Administrative certification through a Johns Hopkins Univ./ISTE cohort program. As part of my internship requirement I need to create a project to present at a poster session at the 2009 NECC conference.

In my experience, I have noticed educators becoming overwhelmed by the plethora of free Web 2.0 tools. For my project, I created a website, EduRatings 2.0, where educators can rate and comment on Web 2.0 tools. I'm hoping by using the "wisdom of the crowds" my project will help educators choose the most appropriate tools for instruction, communication, and professional development. I would greatly appreciate your help by going to the website and contributing by rating and commenting on the tools.

(You can also check out my promotional video.)

Thanks and please contact me if you have any questions or suggestions.


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I noticed your page for Wikis doesn't include EditMe. Would you consider adding it? There are lots of teachers who use it and rave about it.

Thanks for your suggestion. However, it looks like EditMe is not free. For simplicity of my project, I'm going to stick with tools that you can use for free.
Of course. I am not promoting any products and am interested in learning about all.
Hi David. I am on the West Coast and teach at both a University and an Adult School (post-secondary classes). At Pepperdine University I used a lot of web 2.0 tools and then got involved in social networking. I agree with what you are saying but rather than rating the tools, I have started a personal spreadsheet with categories for each. I have uploaded the file and you are free to use it, update it or tell me it isn't worth anything.

I also have a lot of experience in selling high-tech products, especially high-end software. My experience has taught me that it isn't the products that should drive the market, but the need. I plan to put together a "needs analysis" for teachers that will help guide them through the process of identifying their needs first and the picking the products that fit those needs.

I also noticed that there are a lot of beta sites, which means not really ready for prime time. While many people rave over the "features", the practical use isn't necessarily looked at nor the viability of the site. Another issue to follow is that if someone is using a product and there is a better one out there, that doesn't mean that they need to switch. My 2006 Acura TL isn't as cool as the new one, but I am not going to change for that reason. It is an investment I made and don't need to make again for a while. I hope that makes sense.
Thirty-five applications and only one free and open source app included.
Which applications do I have that aren't free?

As stated on my FAQ page:

I use (Web 2.0 tool) in my classroom but I don't see it listed. Can you list it?
Yes. Use the contact button above to send your request. I will add any appropriate Web 2.0 tool currently in use in the area of K-12 education.

I welcome your suggestions.
Free and open source. I would argue that many "free" web apps exact their price in advertising and and data collection, but that's another post.

The only FOSS app on the list is WordPRess.
You are right. I guess I should have qualified it. I did a post on the newbie section of the forum. Check it out.



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