I am a 1st year Tech Coordinator. I taught elementary school for the past 10 years. I need to get teachers to use technology daily in their classrooms to enhance their instruction and the curriculum. I have done staff development and provided resources. I need more! What are some successful strategies to get teachers using technology? Thanks!

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I think there are a lot of issues around this. I try to use technology in my classroom a lot, but realistically, a lot of it is developed at home, on my own time. A number of teachers in my school say they're interested, but they just don't have the time. I think it's a combination of time and fear. It's easier to go with what you know, and when glitches come up, as they often will for a teacher who's not comfortable using technology in the first place, they feel stupid in front of their students.

The hardest thing, for me, after listening to someone talk about cool ways to incorporate something into my classroom, is finding the time to create it. The first time always takes more time! So I guess, I'd recommend that you visit a classroom, see what the teacher is doing, talk about what he/she is planning to do in another week or two, and then create something they might be able to use. Having you start them off might help. When I've offered workshops on some of the technology I use, I always try to carve out time for teachers to actually work on creating their own stuff, right there, so that I can answer questions for them.

I also find that I hear about cool tools, think I could use them, but then don't find a good way to incorporate them in what I'm doing. And then I forget about them. There's so much stuff out there! And sometimes I need to see what someone else is doing with it to turn my own thinking into how I can use it for my kids.
I wanted to add this link in my last post. It is about the impact of web 2.0 apps on student learning. It's a very rigorous research project and worth a read. Becta (http://partners.becta.org.uk/index.php?section=rh&catcode=_re_r...) from the UK does a really nice job of summarizing the research in usable chunks. What I like most is they identify how students are using web 2.0 apps outside of the classroom before they discuss how they affect the classroom. I think it's a great acknowledgment of the fact that students are doing this as part of their life and they are going to be doing it more and more not less. We need to prepare them for today's and tomorrow's world not the 1950's. Anyway, great study and might offer you some insights about approaches to take with teachers that you are trying to motivate.
Yes, incorporating technology takes a lot of personal TIME. Learning anything new takes a lot of personal time, but once it's done, it saves time for future reference. I try to take small steps, so it doesn't become overwhelming. Teachers first have to have the desire to incorporate.... that is paramount. Where there is a will there is a way.
I believe it is important to provide many mini classes throughout the year and a handbook so teachers can go back and look through the information on their own. Many times the teacher is in the workshop and then goes home to continue working. At home they get frustrated and can't remember what to do next. Once this happens they get frustrated and quit. If they had a packet of info and directions they can use the technology at home without getting frustrated.
Hope this helps!
I agree, teachers need the materials to follow up after a workshop--especially if it's in the summer!! Andrew Churches has developed "starter sheets". I think they would make a great handout even if the teacher is new to the tool.
I'm going to take the ones I need, print them on cardstock and have them laminated. Then my kids can use them.
What a great site...Thank you for the link!
Doing regular staff development about a standard instructional strategy, and having the teachers USE the technology to learn about it. I find myself in the same position as you often, but I am attempting to do all varieties of staff development. Coincidentally, I just (today) blogged about how I have been dealing with this!
There are many free elearning tools for you to use. These could give you some help in your future teaching and learning and make you teaching more effective.
I think it's really important to give them the how-to of the process, as teachers are often overloaded with work and can't spare time to learn about all this new stuff. I found this document very interesting/useful as it discusses different digital tools that can be used for different purposes. it's a glimpse of what's out there and what to use it for.It's great for reference. I hope you like it.
I got this website from Mary MacKay's newsletter. I love that she is a classroom teacher putting the best of the web out there for all of us. I have been technology resources teacher in this building for 8 years. I have seen veteran teachers scared to touch a keyboard, now making Promethean flipcharts, imovies, video conferencing. I say they are atypical. A teacher needs to want to integrate technology. This is what I did. It is by all means not the Holy Graille of ideas but it worked. I took their classes into the lab and did a tech rich lesson for them. The kids were so excited. Each week I modeled how easy it was to do. I constantly took them aside and told them each step along the way how I did it.
Eventually, they asked if we could... do anything else along the lines of what I had demonstrated. I love to teach, and having a class in the lab that was mine for 45 minutes was a real treat. I love creating tech rich lessons and having a class to do them with was extraordinary. Show them and they will come around. Be patient. Not all teachers in my building are as receptive. But when they put up brilliant bulletin boards from your lesson, people start to talk. Good luck.
Hope this helped.
I am part of a technology group where each participant is provided with a laptop, document camera, infocus projector and 35 student response devices for the students. These are provided to the teachers as long as the teachers agree to attend five full day training sessions, blog every few weeks on the technology and agree to use the equipment as much as possible.

It is a lot of work to make interactive power point incorporating the response devices and finding the streaming videos for the math sections I am teaching. I would use my technology equipment even more if I had more pre-made power points and units. Your teachers will use the technology more if it is not too much work for them. Thus, the more pre-made items you provide to the teachers the more they will use tech in the class. Also, going into classrooms and teaching a class using technology will really show the teachers how successful this is.

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