“Speaking of Electronic Whiteboards”

Electronic whiteboards are great technology to use in the classroom! They combine the technology of an ordinary computer and projector and enable you to do things such as highlight an important fact, switch web pages, and use digital graphics in the classroom. Electronic whiteboards are beneficial in the classroom because they can be used in graphing for math and science, they can engage students in a new way, and they are helpful in reaching students of different learning styles. Many of the features of an electronic whiteboard are helpful not just the students but also to the teacher. During a lesson, the teacher can remain in front of the class while navigating computer programs straight from the whiteboard itself which can help students’ attention and can help prevent students from getting off task. Electronic whiteboards can save all the information drawn so “doodles” and other files can be saved for review later. Electronic whiteboards can also be beneficial to teachers when lesson planning. Some new ways to integrate an electronic whiteboard into the classroom are using it in math or science for graphing, doing team projects, or making an ordinary presentation more interactive. “Administrators report greater student participation, interest, and excitement in the curriculum.”

Using this type of technology can engage students in a different and more interactive way than the standard whiteboard. One way I could use this technology in my future classroom would be to use the board to play games involving the students. This would be a great way to review information for a test, and students would be able to become more familiar with using the technology. To do this technology in a classroom you would need the electronic whiteboard and projector set up to a computer. Electronic whiteboards have many different uses and are great for engaging your students. They would be a great addition any classroom.

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