I have just been upgraded from the ELMO TT-02s to the ELMO TT-02RX. I am trying to use it to record video. I know it can. However, the instruction manual isn't much help. It shows an optional desktop recorder. Do I need that? I can't even find where to buy one. Can I use a web based solution? I have installed the new software. I seem to be recording but it only plays back a few seconds. Help!?

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Did you figure out how to do this. I'm trying to figure it out too?
No, sorry.
Hey Eric,

When I first received my TT02RX demo, I was able to record audio and video directly to my pc.
You do need an external microphone. I am going through the procedure by memory, then I'll set up the equipment and run it through again.
TT02RX is on and the software is up and running. Plug in a microphone to your computer mic input. Press the reord button in the TT02RX software and that should do it.....The video will record onto the hard drive along with the audio.
I'll give it a try this evening and verify my instructions.
I just received my Elmo TT-02rx camera today. Anyone else having trouble using it? I am finding that I can only see items when all the lights are turned off in my classroom and the LED light is on the paper. Did try keeping on a couple of the lights (overhead flourescents), but the kids(and I) could hardly see the stuff on the screen. I have played around with the document camera and the projector....not sure what is wrong. Tried brightness, zooming, focusing, etc....couldn't tell you everything I played with. Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated. It is frustrating, because all the videos out there with people using the camera with a projector are not in rooms of total darkness. It will be horrible if my students can't see their notebooks when I am using the document camera.
Dear Lori,

It appears to me that this TT02RX is defective. There should be no difficulty with the lights on.
IN FACT! The TT02RX works better when the room is well lit.

One question, when you have the lights on, is there a bright glare that appears on the screen?
OR is the image too dark to see?
If it is GLARE, then move the TT02RX between the ceiling lights. If it is DARK, then the unit is NO GOOD!

To get a replacement unit, please call ELMO USA at 800-947-3566. IT IS OK to use my name!!!!!
John J Caprice, from visualedtech. I know everybody at ELMO.

You may need the invoice number or Dealer/supplier name.

If the unit was purchased within 30 days, they will replace and pick up the old unit.

Let me know if you need my direct assistance, I can be a big pain in the tush!


Thank you so much for the advice. I was thinking of moving it between lights in the classroom....and even trying it with a different projector or in a different room. It just arrived the middle of last week, so it hasn't even gotten close to 30 days yet! Crossing my fingers it will be fine when it is moved to a different spot in the room.

Will keep you updated.

Thanks again!


Well, I did some problem shooting and found out it was the projector I had it plugged into and was using. The document camera works wonderfully. Wish I had one years ago! Love going back and forth between the computer and the camera to show the kids different things.

Thanks again for your advice.



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