Embed within Embed? A Perplexing HTML and Google Earth Question

This is my first question post on this forum, so please forgive me if I leave
out any key information. I have looked for an answer to this question
to have been posted already, but have not found one. If you know of
one, please let me know.

I have used the Google Earth KML Viewer tool at
to embed Google Earth in my webpage. I would like this embedded
Google Earth to act like the Google Earth on my computer.
Specifically, I have created place-markers with embedded information
in them (Google Docs and You Tube embed code). When I open these
place-markers using Google Earth on my computer, GE operates as it
should, reads the HTML and displays the embedded online information.

However, when I try to get the embedded Google Earth tool to display
the same thing, it doesn't work.

As people who have used this tool know, with the Embed Google Earth
KML Viewer tool one can insert the web address of a Google Map to show
the place-markers, as well as any content that was typed into the
information box.

What I have done differently is to create KMZ files in Google Earth on
my computer (place-markers with HTML to embed internet content like
youtube videos), then uploaded them to Google Docs, then made them
public for anyone to open, then copied the "download" link for the
uploaded file and finally pasted that link into the KML web address
spot in the Google Earth KML Viewer tool.

And, shazam. The place-markers from the KMZ I created on my computer
show up in the embedded GE in my webpage. However... the HTML
information for the embedded youtube video does not show up. It looks
like the embedded GE is trying to read the information because there
is often a blank box where the embedded video should be, but in the
end there is no video.

Any help on this would be very much appreciated.

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