Schooltube has a mini video player you can purchase for $395 a year, that allows you to add video of your choosing. Is there another more cost effective way to do the same task using the school tube video files? I want to use the school tube files because we are beginning to utilize their service a lot.

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From what I can see, Schooltube allows it's videos to be embedded using the embedding html code. This is free, and allows to you put any schooltube video into any other web site. What kind of web site are you trying to add the video to? is it a wikispace, district web site, personal blog or other?
I would like for all of our school tube videos that we have submitted from our district to be on a player in a website format that could be placed on our distict and/or school websites. It appears that will let you put in their player for free, but you can only get videos randomly that will not be specific to our schools.
I want our player to be able to use what I put into it? hopefully I made sense trying to explain this...



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