Just wondering how everyone feels about engrade? Anyone willing to share any training materials? PowerPoint? Handouts? Docs? Thanks so much!

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We love Engrade, it easy for teacher to use.

My school has used it for 5 years.


There are a couple of "hiccups" to implementing it school-wide:

- Engrade upgrade without notice: You finally found your groove and they give the website a "facelift". Using it frequently is key to stay up to date with all of it's new features.

- Hard for parents to keep track of multiple teacher feeds: there is not a ONE STOP page for parents to get access to all the feeds. This can be fixed with an RSS feed reader on Google Site or WordPress

Hello Engrade expert!

How do I grade an assignment that is based on a rubric. An assignment grade of 5 out of 6 would get 83%, a grade of 4 using the same rubric would be 66% which is a failure. Please help me out here. Thanks

What I typically do with Engrade to avoid this problem is to make all of my assignments out of 100 points and "weigh" my categories within a subject. For example; my reading comprehension grades include the categories "tests -40% of grade" - "Quizzes - 30% of grade" - "Vocabulary - 20% of grade" and "Other - 10% of grade" I then make every assignment out of 100 points, even five or six question quizzes.  So I grade a 6 question quiz and my student receives a "5", and I say that's an A and put that on their paper.  So in my grade book, under reading comprehension, my category would be "quizzes" and I would put in 90 points for the assignment.  I hope this helps!  I love Engrade and if you need any other help with it, please ask! 



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