Enrollment in online courses increases at the highest rate ever

According to a recent report released by the Sloan Consortium and the Babson Survey Research Group, enrollment in online courses increased by more than 21 percent last year – the largest increase ever experienced. Does your college offer online courses? If so, has it seen the drastic increase in enrollment exhibited by this study? http://bit.ly/f4LX3m 

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Yes my university does offer online courses. I dont know if there has been a drastic increase in enrollment for online courses but I do know that my friends for certain subjects do prefer to take an online course. For certain courses it is easier for maybe a language course that can offer plenty of technology to help a student learn versus some other subjects where perhaps a student may need to attend a classroom for lecture to learn more. I know another reason for an increase in online courses is for the convenience for the professors that can work from home and for students who can do the online course work when it is convenient for them.
Yes my university offers online courses and now more and more students are taking online courses, I include myself in this. Taking online courses is the best, especially if you work.
Does anyone here currently have distance learning in your school or district? I am looking to bring it to my school district and need to present to the board. Does anyone know if there is funding provided for schools/districts that have virtual learning? I appreciate the help. Please email me at sirotiak02@aol.com Thank you.
My college, UTSA, does offer online classes, infact I will be taking my first one next semster. Though, I do not think there has been any increase or decrease. Most people learn better in a classroom, and like myself, probably only take online classes for convience of the time ro ease of the class.
My university does offer online courses as well. Although I do not know all the numbers, I do know that when registration comes up and there is an option to take an online class, the online class quickly fills up first. I am currently taking my last Spanish class online and I LOVE it! It makes the class much easier than the traditional classroom Spanish class I am used to taking. Online classes would not work for every class, but I would welcome it whenever possible! It does not have as much interaction with classmates though is the biggest downfall.
Thank you so much for your feedback, Samantha. It seems that, as you say, convenience seems to be a factor in this peak in online course enrollment, as well as the online medium being the best for certain subjects. Do you think this trend will continue to increase?



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