Anybody using one of these?  I just found out I'm getting one in my classroom next year, and I'm trying to figure out the best way to incorporate it in my high school Language Arts curriculum.  Any tips or info would be great. 

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Hi Mike

While I havent used one in a classroom yet, they are brand new, I did go through a demo in April. Top of the line equipment, short throw (meaning you dont get that shadow as with other projectors) and you can shoot it just about any flat surface and turn it into a a very large whiteboard. But again, keep in mind at the end of the day, its simply a projector. Integrating an interactive projector into your curriculum will depend on the software your school is providing and how your structure your lessons. Do a quick search on interactive whiteboard lessons for language arts and you should see some examples that get your imagination going. As for software what went with interactive whiteboards, I did like Promethean's. Enjoy your new equipment!
Thanks for the input! I will do the search and see what I can find. We have one of these projectors in my building already, but I did not have a chance to use in for an actual lesson. I did "play around" with it a little though. When my principal told me I was going to have one installed in my room, I started to worry that I wouldn't like it, that it wouldn't be able to help me as a Language Arts teacher, or that the software would not be applicable to Language Arts activities or lessons. My school has the Promethean software on all teacher computers even though only the math teachers have the actual Promethean Boards in their rooms. Is there a difference between a "Promethean" Board and a "Smart" Board and the projector that I am getting?
As a Tech person, I dont use them myself in my technology classrooms, simply support them in other curricular areas. I think you will find use for them, but it will take an investment in time on your part to rethink your pedagogy. The Brightlink is by far the nicest of the interactive whiteboards (in my opinion of course). Its the software that will make a difference in how you interact with it.



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