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Question - How do you guys embed E and D into your sessions? I.E. do you plan discussions within a session, deal with issues as they occur, or plan seperate sessions using materials provided by your organisation? Comments welcome! Rebecca

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Would you consider your resources for this as part of a teaching toolkit?



I don’t feel that there is a best or easiest way. Each class are individual, I think it is really important for each tutor to know their pupils in order to be able to make any learning environment inclusive. I find when I’m planning sessions I usually develop tasks to meet the needs of my learners, whilst trying in incorporate the session outcomes and assessment criteria. I do have a few duplicate sessions on a weekly basis, and the session is the same, but are adapted slight to ensure differentiation. How do you approach planning your sessions?


Thanks Tony  

Hi Tom,

I think you have largely answered your own question there in the first part of the 2nd paragraph and partly in the second part. To be able to differentiate you will need to know to some extent the  students and their particular needs. until you have been involved with them you cannot be too specific in the way that you provide inclusivety through differentiation. However that's not to say that you cannot second guess to some extent and have a variety of tasks of different types suitable for differing learning styles and abilities in your arsenal. In a way I think that is what you are trying to say in the  last part of the paragraph, the only difference in approach is that you cannot decide definitively how you will differentiate in the 1st lesson but just have a tool kit ready that from experience will get you by.



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