European Union Lifelong Learning Projects - Piloting opportunities

European Union lifelong learning projects – helping the projects

Schools and education institutions in Europe and Turkey are invited to join the Kindersite
list of piloting schools and institutions. This means that when a European Union project requires help from a school or institution, an invitation, with details about:

  • The project
  • The help required

will be sent to you. At that point you can agree to help or pass the opportunity for the next occasion.

The type of help you will asked for will include:

  • Piloting new resources and giving your feedback
  • Contributing your thoughts and ideas to the project
  • Contributing specific knowledge of your local area
  • Testing final resources
  • Disseminating the projects to your local network of educators

listed institutions are also invited to join new projects as Associate Partners [1].

Joining the piloting list
To join the list of piloting institutions we need the details below, so we can tailor the right invitations to you. Please complete the form below and then send back to Joel Josephson

About the Projects
The Kindersite is involved in 17 European Union projects of which 9 are current. Most of these projects are about languages and/or technology. They represent some of the most innovative and exciting ideas in European education.

Sign-up form
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Contact name 
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Type / Level of institution 


1. An associate partner is an unpaid partner in the project who has agreed to
undertake limited tasks or share ideas and experience, to help the project.

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