The invention of the wheel was not a stopping point or a finished product.  Just providing a grade or a level on a rubric for an educational activity should also not be a stopping point or viewed as a finished product.  Learning is a continuous process.  It is too bad that usually in education a grade is associated with, “I’m done.  So, how did I do?”  Instead, an evaluation in education should be, “This is what you have completed so far.  Now, how can it be improved?”

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I really agree to that point.

Hi there. My name is Ryan Boulter and I am a student online at Queen's university. This topic is relevant to me as we are discussing in my course how we can transform basic assessment and low level evaluation into a knowledge building community. A community where students are asking questions and building off each others ideas instead of just regurgitating for the test or quiz. I agree learning should be continual and should look to improve on ideas of other students and not just for the individual. My course is on collaborative inquiry and we are trying to figure out how to make learning and assessment most beneficial. Any ideas from anyone?

It is an impressive & knowledge point. Evaluation of education, learning & change – theory and practice. Evaluation is the systematic exploration and judgment of working processes, experiences & outcomes. It pays special attention to aims, values, perceptions, needs & resources.



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