In a few weeks I will be giving a PD on online collaborative projects. I would like to share examples of how wikis can be used to create collaborative projects. The PD is directed at elementary age students in grades 3-5. It does not matter if the project has already been completed or is currently open to contributions. Subject also does not matter.

Does anyone have a wiki site they would be willing to allow me share?

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I am hoping you will get some feedback to this request. I am teaching a WIKI 101 class to teachers using PBWiki, Wetpaint and Wikispaces. Tonight we just looked at PBWiki and i am trying to figure out how this really works in the classroom. Too much of it was blocked when you have 15-20 students online at the same time. Have you used wikis before with students? How did you handle this?

We did the wikis mentioned above with up to 20 kids writing, typing, linking and adding pictures at the same time. We, my co-teacher and I, co-ordinated the saving. NO one saved until we told them to. Even though it's not the best option some of the typing can be done in Word while others are working on the wiki (see Pirate wiki) from link above.
I am currently working on two wikis with my students. My students just began building a wiki using Wikispaces on the water cycle last week. We are just finishing up the research portion of the project. The second site is a collaborative project for grades 3-5 on problem solving using Wetpaint. Unfortunately the adminstration wants this site to be private.

I agree with the reply left by Nancy to co-ordinate the saving. I learned the hard way that if more than one student tries to edit a page at the same time only the first person who clicks on to the page will actually save. I also get around saving problems by having students work on different pages in the wiki.
The easiest way to avoid the editing issues with multiple students is to create individual pages for each student. One of our teachers had her students doing a project on artifacts so we created an "artifacts" page and then each student created a link on that page to their own individual page where they will upload their information. This allows all of the students to go to the lab together and work on their project. Hope this is helpful.
Yes this was our solution too. One added advantage is that is easy to see what each student has done. We invite the other students to give feeback to others by using the 'Comment' facility.
We have done 5 classroom wikis (grades 4-6) over the last couple of years. Scroll down and see them here. the collaborative-ness varied. I think the one the kids did on the book The Wright 3 was the best 'wiki', kids read the book and research the life and works of Frank Lloyd Wright then linked it all together.

The best collaborative wiki I did was with 12 other teachers, let me know if you want to see that one--it's not on the list.
Your examples were great. The sites built by students were especially impressive. I would love to see the wiki you did with the 12 other teachers.
email me at and I'll send you info on how to access our teacher wiki and I'll explain what the project was.
I looked at The Wright 3 wiki and was impressed with it. Your students did a wonderful job connecting the information. I would love to see the wiki you did with 12 other teachers.
I too am interested in using wikis in the classroom. As and administrator I would like to sell the idea of using wikis in the classroom, but have just started to learn about wikis. Looking for examples of wiki pages that have been used in the classroom in a secondary setting
I am teaching in an all boys catholic high school. This year I am using pbwiki in a Microsoft Desktop Support Technician class. Every Sunday the wiki is updated with the assignments and important links for the week. The wiki contains a planner for tracking important dates. Early in the year, the boys created their own pages. They also created group pages for collaboration. Checking the comments on a page give me a pretty good idea of who is participating and at what level. These group pages assist the students in creating answers using problem solving and critical thinking skills. The class site is private so I cannot share the address. At the end of the year, I may be able to open it up once I clear the student data.
I don't have the experience with wikis that Nancy Bosch and David Cox have, but I thought I would share my wikis anyway for you to see beginning wikis.

I've used wikis twice with my German students. The first is for the novella "Kein Schnaps für Tamara" and is at Scratchpad. This was my first entrance with a wiki and it was voluntary. One of my students' test scores were much better than normal because of this wiki. It helped him understand the story line and characters better. This really confused me because the wiki is in English and the test was all in German.

Our 2nd wiki is also over a book we're reading and it is currently in progress. I'm requiring my students to do the wiki and it is mostly in German. You can find this one at wikispaces. Please note that some of my students love to format and there doesn't appear to be any uniformity in the looks of the wiki. Right now we are working on adding content. I don't know how the finished product will look.



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