Dear Fellow Educators. We are at the end of our first session of FACE IT-TRACE IT-ERASE IT. A global educational collaboration that has 5 member student teams from around the world:
The purpose of this project is to pick one topic from the list of “Issues facing the World” inventory.
1. Pick a topic from the list of Global Issues.
2. Your teacher will be your helper
3. You will be connected to students in other countries that picked the same topic.
4. FACE IT: You and your team mates will use technology to create files that define your ISSUE and describe it so everyone understands what the issue is. It will require 1 paragraph from each team member and it will be compiled by the team as a cohesive 5 paragraph report.
5. TRACE IT: You and your teammates will send files back and forth to each other, using whatever method works the best, and you will research the ISSUE using the Internet. You will create graphs, charts, PowerPoint, and any other methods necessary to trace the history of this issue. You will tell us where it exists today and you will prove that you are knowledgeable about the topic by using whatever means possible. There are no limits.
6. ERASE IT: You and your team will come up with at least 1 solution to the problem. You will reveal this solution using digital video if possible. We help you to put this solution on YOUTUBE, Teacher Tube, or any other location as yet determined.
7. Technical help will be provided by me and my assistants. We will answer any questions and guide you through this project. You will never be alone.
8. GRADES: The project will be graded in three parts. Each phase will be given the same weight and it final grade will be an average of the three phases. This grade will be given to each team member and can be used by their school teachers as a good towards their regular class.
World Issues:

1. Governments corruption
2. Destruction of the environment/ climate change
3. Human rights/ inequality
4. Overpopulation
5. Global Warming
6. Poverty/hunger/homelessness
7. Terrorism
8. Management of Natural Resources
9. Violence/crime
10. Immorality/Ethics/Morals/Dishonesty
11. Permissiveness in society
12. Divorce and the breakdown of the family
13. Overconsumption
14. War/Terrorism
15. Greed
16. Human Trafficking
17. Child Abuse/Child Labor
18. Pollution/air/water/etc.
19. World Economic Collapse
20. Middle East (Israel/Palestine) Gaza
21. Iran and nuclear power
22. Darfur
23. Alternative Energy
24. Animal/Plant extinction
25. Disease
26. AIDS
27. North Korea as a rogue nation
28. China’s emergence as a global superpower
29. Fresh Water
30. The loss of Arable land
31. The gap between the rich and the poor
32. Unemployment/jobs
33. Illegal aliens/immigration
34. Energy/lack of energy resources/lack of reliable energy production
35. National Security
36. Care for the elderly
37. Education/poor education/access to education
38. Lack of respect for each other
39. Corruption of judicial systems
40. Racism/race relations
41. Abortion
42. Drug Abuse
43. Children’s behavior/The way children are raised
44. Gay rights issues
45. The media
46. Elections and election reform
47. Guns/gun control
48. Poor health care/high cost of health care
49. Loss of indigenous languages
50. Malnutrition
51. The education of women
52. The lack of nutritious food

Please join in on making history. Contact Jack Strelec at

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