Facebook is so popular among students. On one hand, it is good for them to communicate with more people, make more friends, and know more fresh info, etc. On the other hand, time is devoted to Facebook. It seems some students' academic performance has been influenced. What do you think about students' use of Facebook?

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Fact - social networking media is out there. Let's continue to teach our students to be safe online and remind parents to monitor and be involved with what their kids do online. If we work together, Facebook can be a safer place of fun, education, and sharing.
Dealing with cyberbullying issues from sites such as facebook is a concern. Many parents of younger than 13 are totally unaware of how their child uses FB from mobiles, in and out of school hours.
I think we have a responsibility to turn the medium into a more educational space. Where are the educational apps? It can be a very useful tool (i'm a foreign language teacher and use some chatting/social networking apps with my students for extra practice), but we aren't engaging with it enough and abandoning the space to purely social uses. Education should be a social experience and sites like facebook can help.
Check out these blog posts about facebook and students. Everything from classroom use to facebook safety and how to protect your profile as an educator.
Hi all,

I found an article - "10 Security Reasons to Quit Facebook (And One Reason to Stay On)". Some of the ideas are worth considering.
does anyone use the "Group" or "Business" feature of Facebook. I am trying this with our yearbook as a way to try and promote sales. It allows me to post stuff on the "group" site and it shows up on the students personal profiles yet at the same time it is not my own profile and you have the ability to limit the students ability to post comments on the groups page. I have found this to really be helpful in increasing yearbook sales and was thinking about doing it for my classes next year (my school does not have policy against Facebook though I personally do not accept students as friends even graduated ones).
Considering that we live in a "digital" world, i think the use of facebook,twitter, flicker and etc is just the new way to communicate and share ideas. But you are correct, i think as a student i can say that we do tend to spend a lot of time on facebook. For example, when I'm doing homework, i also have a tab open with facebook waiting for me to browse. its like a distraction from homework. since i went away for college, i like to keep undated with all my friends back home plus have an easier way to meet new people.
Facebook for students probably is not the best way to go for students to communicate with more people. I would suggest maybe a blog. I don't think facebook would be the best educational and safe network to use and there are other sources beside blogs that the teacher can use to keep track of students work.
Using Facebook as a way for students to share ideas or discuss school work may not be a bad idea in and of itself. But for it to be used in a classroom may become a complete distraction to some. Students who do not want to be in class, at any age, can be logged in to Facebook, but pay no attention to the lesson. Finding a way to prevent that would be vital to using this tool in a classroom.
I think that facebook sucks you in. you could be doing homework & then a old friend pops up and you totally forget what your doing. Facebook is a good way to keep in touch with people especially if you went away for college but it takes up a lot of time. Sometimes its the only thing to keep us entertained when its boring and there's nothing to do. I do believe that it may prevent you from doing work faster than normal. so yes, its possible that your academic performance is being influenced.
This is a pretty interesting NYT article:
Growing Up Digital, Wired for Distraction

It focuses on a school in the Silicon Valley area. Very interesting quotes from teachers and students as well as links to some research.
social networking is takes a great part in people's today life. I think that Facebook is not a bad thing for students to be a member of, but it can be very distracting for students and can influnced in their academic perfomance along the way. I think students that use facebook and that dedicate alot of time in ti should try and start dedicating more time in school.



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