favorite technology and worst technology anyone has used lately in their classroom

Hi, curious to see everyones different responses. What are current educators favorite technology and worst technology you have used lately in their classroom.

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TurningPoint and Answering clicker systems like it are becoming more and more valuable because you can set up groups and get immediate feedback about what your students are learning. You can input the slides within a Power Point and get immediate feedback if your lecture is getting through to the students.

If you have never worked with Microsoft’s Photo Story, it is definitely something you need to try!  I was just introduced to it this semester at my college campus and it is amazing how many different things you can do with it.  All you need to create a presentation is several pictures.  Using these pictures, you can add personal voice narration, special effects, and music to your project.  You can also personalize everything with titles and captions.  If you get a chance, look into the program because it is great tool to use in the classroom, and a bonus-- it’s free!

Favorite tech: Edmodo and Prezi


I haven't had any 'worst' experiences lately...

Hey Renee,


We launched a MATH PRACTICE PROGRAM, a FREE product for teachers last year ..and today more than 10,000 teachers and 100,000 kids are using it..!!!! I would definitely suggest it as the favorite technology!..


Hey there =)

I haven't really had a bad experience in the classroom with technology but I do believe in the products of DEPCO, LLC.  They have many different forms of curriculum and help children learn on the products professionals use.


My new favorite technology is Prezi. It is great for class presentations. It is really easy to learn how to learn. One technology that I am not too fond of is Scratch. It is a programming technology. You can create interactive games and stories with it, but I found it kind of confusing and difficult to navigate.

At present I too will commit to Prezi.  What an awesome presentation experience.  I've had my son helping me with it (all the kids in his high school are using it). 


For the past three years I have used Premier AT in my learning strategies class.  It is software on the adaptive technologies list that allows students to have text, websites, books, PDFs, etc, magnified, read, edited, etc.  You name, Premier does it.  It is great for LD students, Autistic students, and anyone else who might be struggling academically in your class.

My favorites are KidBlog and Screencasts with Jing. Even though the interface for KidBlog is geared to the elementary age, I use it with my upper level Spanish students.  When the students write responses to questions I post on KidBLog, I use the screencasts to explain what needs corrected and post the screencast link in their blog.  I haven't had any bad technology experiences but I am disappointed that Slinkset is closing down in mid-May.

Favorite:  Google Apps for Education

Worst:  MovieMaker - it crashes all the time and is not compatible with newer mini-camcorders unless you convert the videos which is a pain!

I am currently studying to be a teacher, in my second year so I am not sure if I qualify for your question, but would like to post! :) I know that in the school I observed, the children had computer time where there was a website with interactive games to reinforce learning. The students always wanted to go and be the first ones to play. It was engaging and the children learned how to maneuver a computer better as well! I hope this helps!

As a student using iMovie was my favorite way to use technology in the classroom.  It allowed my fellow peers and me to learn a new type of technology and for us to show our creative sides. 

I have seen a teacher use smart boards in her classroom and the students loved it. You can do a lot of activities from presentations to youtube videos to math problems.



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