Hi Everyone,

I thought it'd be fun to start a forum in which anyone who wants to can tell about their "Favorite of the Year," a favorite book, paper, video, song, joke, cartoon, event, personality, quote... You name it!

Ok: so in 2008, what was one of your Favorite Things? (It could have come from another year--no limits on the date of origin!) What influenced you, challenged or delighted you, brought you joy or laughter, changed your thinking?

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I'll start:

My favorite book of the year: Hot, Flat, and Crowded by Thomas L. Friedman

It weaves so many things together; really changed my thinking.
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I love this site!
The dark knight
When they remade Batman with Christian Bale I was blown away by it. I know people missed the nippled batsuit though hahaha!! I was like everyone else worrying that the second wouldn't be as good but it's awesome. It was really sad that heath passed away though :_(
What a great idea! So many things to choose from, however. Let's start with my favorite wine of the year: Justin's 2003 Isosceles. It's a great red blend from a small winery on the California central coast. Yum!
For me, the book of the year, and maybe the decade, has been Clay Shirkey's Here Comes Everybody. It has literally colored my thoughts at almost every level about Web 2.0 and the historic nature of what we are watching.

For me, it's a "drop whatever you're doing and read" kind of book. :)
Many months ago I ate something that changed my life forever...cat food. I have never slept so good in my life.
Cutest teacher story of the year: My co-teacher was teaching third grade in North Carolina. She had a student named Jeremiah, whose dad was a preacher, and an Hispanic student named Jesús (pronounced xeˈsus). One day Jeremiah came up to the teacher's desk and said in his thick drawl---"Mrs. Moffitt, someone signed Jesus up for lunch and I don't think it's a bit funny!!" I smile every time I hear that story!
My favorite story is still this one:

I had a first year music teacher. Third day of school he has the kindergarten class for the first time. In the basement, no windows, etc... Five minutes after the teacher leaves the fire alarm goes off. This is his first fire drill AND he has 21 kids screaming with their hands on their ears running around the room running into the walls.
My contributiion is http://www.barryfunenglish.com/

Playing for Change: Peace Through Music is the result of a 10 year project by documentary film-maker, Mark Johnson. Its a moving video that uses music to bring people together. I first saw it on Bill Moyers' Journal. If you haven't listened to it, take 10 minutes and your heart will be uplifted. Enjoy!
Wow--this is such fun! Thanks, everyone, for the responses!

It's a community cross-section for "what's important." Love to know what people have found meaningful over the year. We're enriching each other, sharing personal perspectives on the Best of the Best. Keep the thoughts coming.... thanks! I've already learned so much, and have new books to read, new websites to visit. How about others? Enjoying this? Have something to share?

PS: not sure about trying cat food, but my daughter has always wanted to do just that. She thinks it smells so good!
my favourite song :)
I Kissed a Girl : Katy Perry
mwhaaaaaaaaa juss wuv her voice ,n shes gawjus aswell :P
Go You Katy ....cheers :)

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