I am collecting resources for a Middle School level US History course centered on the 1800s and am looking for grade-level and content specific fiction and nonfiction books and resources to integrate into the instruction.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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I am a 8th grade US History teacher in California and the below web site has a list of books that may interest you.

Not sure if you'd consider them grade level but as far as I'm concerned nothing beats the Museum in a Book series. My 7th graders who aren't even studying US history yet and fascinated by them. It is great to see them unfold the gigantic copy of the Declaration and try to read it.
Chris & Kev,

Thanks! I appreciate your help. The resources from the California look very useful and I hadn't heard of the Museum in a Box series. Very cool.

Thanks again!

When I taught middle school, I really liked using many of Ann Rinaldi's books. "Mine Eyes Have Seen" is about the raid on Harper's Ferry. "Wolf By the Ears" is about one of Sally Hemings' and Thomas Jefferson's daughters (well there could have been a daughter, maybe). There's another one about the Civil War, but I can't remember the name off-hand.



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