I'm looking for some information regarding file storage for both teachers and students.  What type of file storage does your school provide?


I'd like to offer some sort of online file storage.  I'm exploring Drop Box, School Web Lockers, eBackpack, Google Apps, and Edmodo as options.


Has anyone used any of these options for file storage for a large number of teachers and students?  Does anyone know of other online file storage options that are school-friendly I should be considering?


I look forward to your feedback.







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Our school system uses Sharepoint.  I have no idea of the cost, but it can do so much more than just file storage.  It is quick to upload, and holds a lot of stuff.  Organization is easy, and we can have different document pages for each grade level.  Each person gets their own private document storage page too. We love that this is accessable from home!
I use Drop Box to maintain all the files for our English Department as a back up to the intranet in school.  It makes it really easy to share files.  As you invite people to share your drop box, you get more storage space.  I am up to 6 gigs which I will never use.  We also used it to organize a workshop for over 800 people and had all the presentations in the drop box in case a flash drive failed.  They now have a new one for larger files but I forget the name of it.

Those are all good options.  My partners and I have been developing a Learning Management System, which is free, and provides extremely advanced features, including file uploading, assignment submission, automatic grading, etc.  Check it out and tell us how we are doing: http://www.studybuddycampus.com


Thank you all for the replies.


Does anyone know, with Google Apps, can a teacher create some sort of "drop box" that students can use to submit assignments?  My concern is getting too many different systems involved that don't necessarily work with each other.

Hmm - this isn't really how google Apps (specifically - google docs) works. There's really no "submitting" of assignments, but rather they "share" the assignment with the teacher (or other students).

Usually a teacher will create a "collection" (Google Docs' word for folder) and share it with their students. Students then make sure to tag their work into that collection. Teacher then goes to the collection to see shared assignments.

You could, in theory, use Google sites for a traditional dropbox feature (They have a "file folder" page template)

Hi Matt ~ I actually use the share feature in Google apps in a way similar to the one Zach described. I create a folder ("collection") for each student and share it with him/her. Anything saved in that folder is automatically shared between the two of us. So I can put docs into the folder and so can the student. To organize the student folders, I just create a folder ("collection") for each class and move the student folders into the appropriate class.


This system has worked really well for me because my deadlines can be more flexible since students don't have to submit work in class. I can also comment on and grade the document in the student's folder, and it's automatically shared with the student. There's no need to download a document, mark it and then re-upload it. If you and your students have easy access to Google apps I encourage you to give it a try. Let me know if you have any questions.



In regard to DropBox, I have been using it since last spring and rarely use a usb drive anymore.   Just today I succussfully used another feature of it I had been unaware of.  You can go to a site called DROPitTOme.com and create an account.  It ties to your dropbox account.  A student can then go to your DROPitTOme address and, using a password which you created for this purpose, turn in an assignment, which then appears in your dropbox.  There is no need for student accounts, no need for student email addresses.  It's slick for that purpose. 

Check out http://www.studybuddycampus.com , we have a feature for teachers and students to upload and submit assignments and material.
This dropbox sounds very interesting.  Is it just dropbox.com?

Yup,but don't forget DROPitTOme.com as well



I use DropItTo.me all the time. It give you a free url that links to your Dropbox account. Students log in (I have it password protected) to my url (dropitto.me/mrcasal) and then upload files which get instantly placed into my Dropbox folder. It's great for days when I'm out and a sub is running the lesson in my lab, I have students turn in their work at the end of the period, regardless of where they are in the assignment, so I can have a quick idea of everyone's progress.


In general, we use Google Docs for teachers to collaborate on assessments and student data tracking, things the administration needs to see. Dropbox is for teachers to share multi-format files as well as students turning in work without needing an individual account.





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