The Grade 7 students study mapping in Ontario. I'm looking for a piece of free software to allow the students to create a floor plan of their room or the classroom.

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Google sketchup is free and will allow students to do just well as a whole host of other things. Check it out.
I just downloaded and watched the! I wonder what kind of a learning curve this program presents. How have you used this and for what grade?
This online tools at are pretty easy to use, though you'll want to work with it a bit to figure out the printing and export capabilities. It is much simpler that Sketchup, though I'd heartily recommend using Sketchup if you have the time.
I checked out smallblueprinter....great name. I need the program to allow for measuring of each wall and item. Am I missing how to do that?
My students have used for the last year. They were gracious enough to give me a PRO-subscription at no charge and they might do the same for you. Don't tell them where you got their name!!

The only way, so far, to print is do a screen capture. I haven't search the site well enough to find whether they have other print capabilities...and I haven't ask the guys who give super tech support.
Hi Nancy! I've used floorplanner once before when I was first researching for a good program. I love that I can measure everything and create a drawing that is to scale. I also like the feature of being able to change colours. Saving...yes, that's a bit of a problem. Print screen always is an option, but I'd like for them to just click on save. What does the PRO subscription provide? Can I install it on 40 computers?
Cindy, You don't have to install it at all, it's online. PRO gives you unlimited designs. We all use the same account.'s late and I'm absorbing a huge amount of information so I think my brain is a bit on overload. Can a class of 20 all log on at the same time with the one account? With the free version I have I can only create one design. I read that the PRO version provides the opportunity to create more designs. I'll send them an email making my request. Thanks!
My students use it to accomplish personal goals so there aren't more than one or two at a time, I don't know how many could be on. Good luck. N



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