It's me the bottom of discussion posts, there is a place to indicate Follow or Stop Following. How do I get that in my ning for my staff to use? I really want this to be set up "right" by the time I have to introduce this to staff. As a new user of nings, wikis and blogs, I am trying to cover a lot of ground in a short period of time. Any tips and suggestions are welcome!

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I know that the RSS icon does not show unless you have your ning set to "public", so that (having your ning be set as "private" may be why you don't see "follow" etc. ... also, I don't think it shows unless you have some discussions in the forum (not sure ... add a trial one if you don't have any.) My work around for having a ning relatively private is to set it to "public" and then mark "Just the main page" and "approve new members" under "Network Privacy".

Also, here's what I recommend for getting a lot of people signed up without having to deal with a lot of emails at both ends ...

There are many ways to for people to become members of a ning. The strictest privacy settings require a lot of steps for membership. Therefore, we recommend the following in order to quickly set up students in a lab situation:

As the network creator, you will have access to the "Manage" tab.
1. Click on "Manage" and then click on "Network Privacy"
3. Check "Public" and "Just the Main Page"
4. Do not check (or uncheck) "Approve new members before they can join"
5. Click "Save"
6. Then have the students click "sign up" to join the ning -- they'll be able to join automatically.
7. Later, return to "Network Privacy" and check "Approve new members before they can join" -- this will assure that no one but your students will be able to see anything beyond the main page.
8. Another option is to check "Private" and "Only Invited People." The "Private" setting eliminates RSS capabilities on all pages, so you need to determine whether RSS is necessary for your ning.

Hope this helps ...



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