I had a wonderful time at the meeting Friday and Saturday. Most of you expressed interested in meeting again. I would like to propose we set another meeting in May or June on a Saturday from 9a-12p. Going forward, a monthly or bi-monthly meeting was requested. We could do a weekday during summer, but I think we will get more teachers if we do a weekend date going forward. Melissa Green has tentatively agreed that we could use facilities at Sac City College again, which would get us wifi and a place to sit. What say you all?

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Sounds good to me. I'm in. It was a great event and I enjoyed learning from all of you. Thanks, Melissa, for offering the facilities at the college. That would be especially convenient if we want to meet during part of the NECC conference. Thanks, Alice, for organizing the discussion for future networking. Let us know what we can do to help.
So you would like to have something at the end of June. Anything before that?
I'm open to either. I didn't know if all the participants would see the forum topic. A few people I met were new to CR2.0. I sent a message to 7 or 8 people I met to check here, but don't remember everyone's names. Is there a way to let them all know?
We could go through the event page and send msg to everyone who said they would attend there, and maybe even those who said no.

Melissa has the "physical" sign in
I was going to try that, but the event page disappeared. I can add a note to the wiki. Thanks!
Got it by going on calendar:
I'm busy getting ready for a meeting, so I can't do it this a.m.
I'll take care of it. :-)
I updated the front and agenda pages of the wiki a link to this page for information about future follow-up events. I also sent an invitation to those that replied with a yes or maybe. Thanks for sending me the link.
NP, thanks for helping! Many hands, etc. etc.
I already have a ton of follow up questions (many of them can wait/others not so much) so getting together soon would be great. I like the idea of a Saturday morning during the school year but during the summer I can work with just about anyone's schedule. Please count me in on for whatever is decided....
What questions do you have? Ask away now. So would you prefer May for our next meeting?
Working through NetVibes at the moment... What are the benefits of using it over an iGoogle page?

I have a busy May but would be more than willing to try to squeeze something out of the way so I can start the summer off on the right foot.



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